Jared & Nor are the sweetest couple you will ever meet! They are the type of people that you know you'll be best friends with them forever, hence their amazing bridal party full of beautiful humans inside & out. My husband grew up with Jared so I've heard plenty of fun stories of their younger years. Nor has been in his life for a long time and it was such an amazing experience to see these two become husband & wife. 

You can truly see how much they love each other through their sweet giggles & the way they look at each other. Sometimes you can tell people are in love by the light that shines from within. They really are a perfect match and I am so excited to see where their next journey will take them in life together!

Their day was full of family & friends that wanted to share in this joyous day and holy moly, there was so much dancing! One of my favorite moments of their special day of Nor's 'candle dance', a tradition that seemed like such a joyous occasion for her.  Being surrounded by all the beautiful women in your life as you enter into a new stage as a married woman while getting the opportunity to dance with each one!

You can just tell how happy everyone was throughout the entire day.  You know how much I love nature and the outdoors and I was so happy we had the opportunity to venture to Indian Run Falls near by for some quick bridal portraits! Hope you enjoy their timeless elegant wedding at La Scala where they served the most delicious Italian food!