One of the greatest things in life is friends and getting to be there for them during their biggest life moments. My best friend is getting married next year and I am so incredibly honored to get to stand next to her on her wedding day.  Of course, I'm trying my best to fulfill my duties as matron of honor but I just don't think that could happen without bringing a little of my own magic to this special time. I am super excited to share our fun filled day at the Lake Forest Beach where I got to capture their love and laughter together with them.  Their smiles so infectious that I could truly feel them through my lens.  Half the time I wanted to be kissing and hugging them, too. Seriously though, it is totally possible to be in love with your best friends! Sending all my love to this beautiful amazing couple as they are about to embark on a whirlwind adventure called marriage.

I could have literally photographed them for days.  Enjoy this tiny glimpse and stay tuned for our second fun filled day at the Chicago Botanical Gardens! Because like I said, I just couldn't stop capturing their love.